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A “crunchy Mom” is a mother who in general terms, has chosen a more natural approach to parenting.  Breast feeding, baby wearing, cosleeping, cloth diapers, no circumcising, baby-led solids, anti-cry it out, home schooling, anti-scheduling, a delayed vaccination schedule or no vaccinations at all among many other choices.


When you find yourself in company of these Mom’s, you can often feel left out in the cold if you haven’t gone “all in”.  You feel judged.  Are you?  Are you projecting?  So where does a Mom who doesn’t fall into that catagory, fall?

I’d like to propose the “Chewy Mom”.  The “Crunchy Mom” coming from the crunching of granola, a “Chewy Mom” will come from chewing the fat and deciding what tailor made solutions best work for them.  Having a light chat with those in the know, using what they found as food for research to make decisions.

I like it!  I like the idea that I don’t have to conform to ALL of the criteria.  I’m tired of Mom’s feeling like they have done something wrong by not conforming to someone else’s idea of “best”.  Just because it works for one does not mean it will work for all.  We don’t live in a one size fits all world, so why should our parenting choices?

I think it comes down to being honest with ourselves and being at peace with those decisions.  Then giving others the benefit of the doubt that they went through a similar process to arrive at theirs.  Sure we can all do better.  You strive for the best, but you achieve what you can and take pride in that.

All Chewy’s will hereby decree “Don’t judge, don’t assume you’re being judged.”

I make no apologies for breast feeding, disposable diapering, making all my own foods for the girls which yes, sometimes include the odd junk food.  I am proud of cosleeping with my babies so they’ve never CIO’d (cried it out) and using our crib as a giant laundry basket.  I’ve done a modified baby led solids and have vaccinated my kids, although we turn down the optional ones in general.  My tailor made Chewy solution.

Embrace your inner Chewy Mom today and tell us how you make it work for you!