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While growing up, I had fun.  I didn’t play games or make believe because it taught me things, I was enjoying myself.  Little did I know that not only did those games keep me busy and out of my Mom’s hair, they would also teach me how to raise my own kids own one day.  If you were good at being a kid, you have the potential to be a great parent.

Using Your Imagination!

Remember building forts using couch cushions, chairs and blankets?  Making a hide out while you were super hero’s with towels tied around your neck?  Pretending to be cowboys while riding a broom?  You get to suggest them now.  Plant those imagination seeds in your children’s mind and watch them grow!


Marco Polo or Blind Man’s Bluff

Remember this one?  As parents, we need to be able to sneak around and not wake children, often in the dark.  Who knew those skills would apply?  Not bumping into anything, silently navigating around the room from the map in our heads.

Hide And Seek

Have you ever taken your children into a department store?  Your seeking skills may be tested.  I hope you were good at being “it”.

Playing Silently

Playing any game while Dad was on the phone or your siblings napped, trying to contain your shrieks and laughter.  It was never easy.  You can now transfer those same skills to when you step on a lego in the middle of the night.  Screaming silently isn’t much of a stretch.

Every Childhood Song

These provide endless hours of soothing babies and later, endless child performances for company.  Remember those songs, remember the dance if you can.  You’ll need those antics to distract your kids from what you’re really doing.

Pick Up Sticks

Cleaning up during nap or at night, picking up toys or putting away dishes.  Being able to do so without sending the rest tumbling to the ground in a loud ruckus is a true parenting talent!

Being Silly

Silly kids, silly parents inspiring silly kids.  So the cycle continues.  Show them how to make a beard out of bubbles in the bath.  Let them play in your grown up shoes.  Demonstrate the monkey walk for them!

Being a parent is really just an extension of your own childhood.  Enjoy it!  No one will judge you for behaving like a child.  If anything, you just may inspire them to have some fun with their kids too.