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Horror movies terrify me.  Always have.  It’s not so much while I’m watching them as much as it is my mind running amok in my sleep.  My nightmares have always been detailed and horrifying.  Not only that, but I would often wake and still hear them.  As a child I’d try to call my Mom and only a squeak would come out.  It was horrible.  Even worse, my nightmares would return, recurring for years.

As a result, I avoid horror movies.  So how on earth have I found myself to be such a huge fan of The Walking Dead?  It’s the Zombie Apocalypse!  Death, mindless zombies attacking, coming out of the dark….  If this isn’t horror, then what is it?  Why do I not only NOT get nightmares from it, but I look forward to the show each week.  That mid-season break over December and January had me craving my zombie fix.


I think it’s because I’ve found the characters and the relationships they’ve developed intriguing.  It’s not just faceless people running from faceless zombies.  They’re parents, children, sisters, brothers, lovers….  Their dynamic constantly adjusting, testing and being tested by the predicament they’ve found themselves in.  Their responses are honest and believable.  They themselves are relatable.

Maybe it’s because I have been so terrified by horror movies and my nightmares for so long, it’s nice to see “normal” people not only respond, but fight back.  There’s something about survival, the desperation of it and although they’ve had losses, they’re making it against all odds.  However they still have relationships, talk, laugh and even sing.  There’s hope.  Who knows, maybe it will give me the ability to fight back in my dreams.