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My PVR (Personal Video Recorder) saves me from missing my shows.  When life gets in the way, I can rest assured that when things slow down, my favourite shows will be waiting.  Not only that, but I can then watch them commercial free.  The more popular the shows I watch, they invariably garner more commercials.  I’d rather PVR the show and put off watching it, just so I can get that satisfaction of hitting the fast forward past them.  It makes me feel like I’ve won.

So what’s my issue?  It’s not the PVR per se.  It’s the networks that I am recording, that ruin my PVR experience.

Schedule Duration:  If your show is scheduled for 9pm – 10pm, conclude it at 10pm!  Don’t run it over because we lose the last bit of our show.  Sure, maybe it’s your way of making us watch it live so that we’re kept a captive audience for your sponsors.  However it just makes me angry.  Angry people don’t buy things.  So just cut it out.

Episodes / Dates:  Include this information on your scheduling so that when we record “New Episode” on our recurring timers, it knows if it’s a new show or not.  I resent seeing multiple recordings of old shows.  Considering how often networks shift shows around, it makes it near impossible to follow a show and to stay a loyal fan.  The least you can do is allow our PVR’s to find you.

Scheduling:  Why is everything on Thursday and Sunday nights?  My PVR only covers 2 channels.  It’s not fair to make me choose and possibly miss a show.  You know, there are other nights that are just BEGGING for good shows to be broadcast.  You’ve got this whole fight thing going on for ratings.  We’d give them to you on any night if it’s truly good.

I think of network’s woes with PVR’s the same as I do music producers with iTunes.  Like it or not, people are moving in this direction.  Rather than fighting to make users watch the “old” way, embrace the new technology.  It’s time to move on and seize a new opportunity.