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Many toys are based on professional items.  The drive behind them is to expose the children to these professions and hopefully instill an interest in them for their future.  For a child, the stars are the limit of their curiosity and potential.  So why not get them a stethoscope, computer, work bench or microscope?

Where toy manufacturers and stores are falling short is where they underestimate our girls.    They seem to assume that girls won’t want to play with them unless they are pink or purple with flowers.  Why?  The boys versions tend to be more realistic, while girls tend to over exaggerate and be more toy-like.

Doesn’t it negate the attempt to get the child interested in the profession if they’re not exposed to realistic representations?  Children are incredibly bright, intuitive and are fully aware when something isn’t real and is only “pretend”.  So which is it?  If they’re attempting to instill interest, why are they dumbing-down girls toys?

There also tends to be a disturbing trend of lower functioning or lower powered toys for girls.  Pink microscopes for instance tend to have lower magnifying powers than more realistic ones.  Wouldn’t lacking the ability to view slides at a higher magnification be a detriment to girls with an interest in microbiology?

There is now the recent addition of Kinder Surprise For Girls.  The response from parent’s has been disdain.  Kids have been happy eating their kinder eggs for 40 years.  Puzzles, animals, games, vehicles and more.  There is no reason for a parent to pigeon-hole their kids and limit the options for their surprise.


There is no reason why a little boy cannot dress dolls.  Just as there’s no reason why a little girl cannot race cars.  Boycott boy or girl specific toys.  Let’s set up our kids to destroy the glass ceiling and gender bias, right from the start.