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It’s a disgusting topic.  However Mom’s (and Dad’s) of young children can easily be drawn into a rousing discussion of poop.  Frequency, smell, colour, location, changes and acceptability….  Yup, when you spend this much time in close contact with poop, the gloves come off so to speak.

We are currently experiencing 2 big poop upheavals in our home.

#1  Our youngest is eating more and more solid foods.  This means a major change in the smell, colour and consistency of her poop.  She’s been exclusively breast fed so the change is dramatic.  No, I’m not saying that it smells like roses.  However breast fed poops are yellow, seedy and only have a minor, sour smell.

It’s consistent.  There’s something to be said about consistency.  You know what to expect when you go in to change a diaper.  When you’re on autopilot from lack of sleep, it’s nice to be able to expect something, even if it’s poop, to be a certain way.  Kind of like how when you drive to work and you get there, but you can’t recall the drive.  It was typical, easy, a known entity.

Now that she’s eating solids, all bets are off.  Colours range, textures can be across the board and the smell.  THE SMELL!  How can such a little person generate such stink?!  Add the now grunting and groaning, the possibility of them rocketing off into the stratosphere when they pass a movement – poop is now an EVENT!

Yes, I miss breast fed only poops.  As much as you can miss poop.  With our youngest being our last, I now have to wait for friends, family or eventually, my own grandchildren in order to get my fix.  Hmm, maybe I’ll just let that one go and let them enjoy it.

#2  We’re potty training our 2 year old.  She’s a little older than our oldest was when we trained her.  Through no fault of her own, we just needed the right time to commit to it.  We used the 3-Day Potty Training Method.  She was successful with it so we’re doing it again.

You need to be 100% committed to your child over these 3 days.  A constant, happy stream of “keep your underware clean and dry” and “tell Mommy and Daddy when you need to go”, we’re like broken records (yes, we’re older parents and we did have records).  It’s positive for the kids, there are no negative words or chastising.  Just reminders and happy potty dances when they go on the potty.  If you can’t commit to watching your child and being completely focused on them for 3 days, I would not recommend this approach.

So gone are the days of contained poop.  She was on a schedule, but now, due to our attentions and the excitement of going on the potty (or not), she poops randomly.  There’s nothing like that tell-tale sign of a load running away from you in big kid underware.

She’ll get it.  We know she will.  But the prospect of pulling down underware with a big poop in it, hoping not to streak it down their legs or dump it on the floor is not an enjoyable one.  While changing a poopy diaper is not pleasant, at least you know it’s contained.  With them standing and running with a not-so-secure containment method of flimsy underware….  Yeah, it’s not perfect.

So here we are.  Obsessed with poop.  A topic that we would have scrunched our noses at if someone had brought it up prior to kids.  Now you can almost see this release of relief on a parents face when you bring it up.  They SO want to talk about it and are just looking for that opening.  TALK TO ME ABOUT POOP PLEASE!!!

Parents of grown children smile and nod.  They don’t really want to talk about it, but they know we need to as they did when they were in our shoes.  Thank you for that.  Thank you for placating our desperate need to dish the poop on the poop.