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Like most parents, we’re trying to stay frugal and save money where we can.  We recently received a free dresser.  Sure it had seen better days but it had ‘good bones’.  Our girls share a room, so a tall boy helps us to save floor space.


So off to the internet for some inspiration.  Yes, I could just paint it one colour, but I was hoping for something with a bit more personality.  This is what I found:


I didn’t want to match it, but I liked the fact that the drawers were different colours.  Why restrict myself?

Off we went, strip off the hardware and start sanding.  There were some nicks, a couple of burn marks and I didn’t like the middle handle in addition to the outside ones.  Add wood filler to the list!


The curves and whatnot weren’t easy.  It’s hard to see, but those little metal trim details on the 3 drawers are actually embedded.  I decided to leave them in and sand around as best I could.


With satin finish, I was hoping that it would add a bit of durability to the dresser.  Sure, I could have used a gloss but satin was on sale.

One great little tip I’ll share with you is the new Behr samples that they sell at Home Depot.    For under $6 you get 8oz of any colour, flat, high quality paint.  Much cheaper than going to the craft stores.  When you’re doing crafts or smaller projects where you simply don’t need a full quart, these are perfect!  I already had 3 sample colours from another project so I only needed to pick up a fourth.  Fun, unrelated colours that were neither too girly or boyish.


The knobs match the other dresser I had painted earlier and were only $1.97 each.  Keep in mind that you can easily run up your budget when it comes to hardware.  Depending on how many you need, multiples could easily run you over.  I’m really happy with the final result and the girls love it!

Of course, I’ve stepped in it now.  There’s now another little girl who wants her dresser to match.  However that dear readers, is a project for another day.


Before and after, what do you think?  Is it just me or does the after-dresser look like it is smiling?