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I’d like to request that readers post a comment on this thread.  A very unscientific poll of sorts.  You can post your name or post anonymously if you like.  Please reply to the following:

What is the breed of your horse?

What do you use your horse for?

What drugs, topicals, treatments, injections or medical interventions has your horse received, ever?

I’ll assume you’re from North America unless you tell me otherwise.


I hope to show that all horses from all walks of life, in general, routinely receive treatments that would render those horses unacceptable to enter the human food chain.  Drugs that would NEVER be allowed to be administered to a cow, pig, sheep, goat or poultry ARE given to horses.

I’ll look up the drugs and let you all know if they are acceptable or not to be in the human food chain and the duration for it to be out of their systems, if it’s known (many are not).