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I don’t want to lose this article.

Forbes: GAO Accused Of Fraud As Horse Slaughter Plants Fight To Open

What better way to make sure I capture it than to blog about it? Now why is a little blogger like me, so interested in a Forbes article? Forbes is (by their own description):

…is a leading Internet media company providing business information services and lifestyle editorial content designed to serve the needs of business leaders, professionals, investors and affluent consumers.

Forbes has published a study by http://www.equinewelfarealliance.org/ about the cherry picking of data by the GAO to suit their own agenda. Yes, agenda. I can hear you naysayers screaming at the screen. “But the Equine Welfare Alliance has THEIR own agenda too!” Sure they do. But they’re clear, open and honest about it. It’s in their name. Unlike the GAO which claims accountability to tax payers and is being used as a pawn by big money. Don’t let the wool be pulled over your eyes.

The GAO is the Government Accountability Office which is funded by taxpayers. As per their own self description:

Government Accountability Office describes its significant role in “providing Congress with timely information that is objective, fact-based, nonpartisan, non-ideological, fair and balanced.”

GAO Fraud

However their people DO have a conflict of interest and are far from objective. They’re employed by those who have a vested interest in horse slaughter. The presentation of data was clearly compromised by omitting the data that did not suit their needs. The tax payer funded report was influenced by groups desperate to continue their revenue stream.

Please read the article – please know that the absence of horse slaughter DID NOT INCREASE HORSE ABUSE. So please drop that sign and burn it.