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The Honest Company – sounds good doesn’t it?  I like the idea of them.  I like their approach.  For those of us with sensitive skin, their products are supposed to be the way to go.  I try to be environmentally friendly when and where I can.  They don’t test their products on animals.  So what’s not to like?


PETA.  They’re associated with PETA.  That’s what is wrong.  PETA.  The group that kills animals by the THOUSANDS.  The group that doesn’t share their millions of millions of MILLIONS of your donated dollars to actual shelters or local humane societies.  PETA – the group that simply lines the pockets of lawyers and professional lobbyists.  That’s right – NOT to animals.

Claiming the “saving” of animals while plotting the DEATH of animals disgusts me to no end.  That’s right – in the eyes of PETA, your dog snuggled beside you on your couch, your cat on your lap, your horse grazing lazily in your field are all better off DEAD than with YOU.  While they’ve taken in animals at their facilities, claiming to “take care of them” – the animals are taken straight to the back and killed.

Look it up.  Really.

And so The Honest Company formally acknowledges and is associated with PETA.

The Honest Company PETA

For that reason and that reason alone – I cannot associate myself with The Honest Company.  You cannot associate yourself with only a part of an organization.  If you “acknowledge and associate” with them, you do so fully, with all of them and all of their mandates.

Maybe if enough of us tell The Honest Company that we love their products, but can’t deal with them due to their association with PETA, they’ll disassociate with them.  It’s the higher road we have to take. Yes, I’m suggesting you boycott them.

PLEASE.  Review the companies you are endorsing with your “Likes” and with your money.  You might be surprised at what you’ll find.  Hold their feet to the fire and make them realize that their associations will hit them in the pocket book.