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A love letter is a way to express feelings of love in written form.

I’d like to kick off a project that will need the help of the horse community. The next time you’re at an auction, please snap a picture of the love notes sent along with the horses.

What is a love note?  A love note at an auction is the note that the previous owner has sent along with their horse.  Most owners do not accompany their horses to auction.  So a note is all that they have to tell potential buyers about the horse, its breeding, training, personality and health.  The hope is that a new home purchases them for top dollar.  The hope is that the note will keep them out of the slaughter house.

Not to worry, I’ll remove any personal information from the notes. I’d like to share what is said in these notes, the commonalities between them and what people hope will sell their horses at auction.

If you know if the horse ended up being purchased by a home, dealer or a meat buyer, that would be handy to know. Although it is not a requirement. My first priority is to the letters.

Please email them to: LoveLetterProject@gmail.com

If you could please share this widely, I’d like as many “love notes” as possible, it would be greatly appreciated.