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Dog ElevatorThis terrifying video is spreading on social media.  A Rottweiler was lifted by its collar when its leash was caught in the elevator door.

Some of the comments to this young woman have been horrible.  We’ve all had accidents.  Accidents happen.  We all know this.  Watch her reaction, she obviously didn’t mean for it to happen and was horribly distraught.  Luckily, the leash broke and released the dog.  The dog is apparently okay.

So rather than lambaste the owner, how about we give her kudos for sharing her terrifying story.  Let’s learn from her mistake, so that it doesn’t happen to one of us.

Lessons learned:

  1. Use a traffic leash when walking your dog in situations where you are moving through or around things that requires your control.  A traffic leash is called that because it’s short and keeps the dog right at your side, in order to move quickly and safely.  If this owner had been using a traffic leash, when she accidentally dropped the leash, it would have been too short to get caught in the door of the elevator.
  2. Put your flexi-leash or long leash in your pocket, put it on when you get to your destination.
  3. We should also note that flexi-leashes / long leashes have been known to also cause accidents when dogs bolt into traffic during a walk (i.e. chasing a squirrel).  Reaction times are too slow and owners often have “too much line out”.  Consider the full radius around you to the length of your leash.  If your dog could be injured in any direction at the end of your leash, you’re putting them at risk.  Shorter leashes save lives.
  4. Pack up your things before you leave your home. Make sure everything is in your pockets, secure and accounted for.  That way, you’ll have your full attention on your pets once leaving your home and in full control of them.  Just like distracted driving causes accidents, focus on the task at hand and ensure your pets safety.
  5. Training is key.  Having your dog under control so that you don’t drop your leash in the first place would be your best case scenario.  I’m a firm believer that every dog should have at least a basic level training class.  Yes, even little wee breeds, mix breeds and those that are “just pets”.

Let’s take this video in the spirit in which it was intended.  Let’s learn from Tamara’s mistake.  If it saves even one dog and owner from this terrifying experience, her honesty and courage will be rewarded.