girl_dressesEaster is coming.  I enjoy dressing up my girls on special occasions.  Sure, there’s the bows and the flowers and the frills.  I don’t have anything against them.

So what’s my problem?  It’s April.  It’s cold.  It still goes below freezing at night.  Heck, there’s still snow in our forecast.  I know the calendar says it’s Spring.  I too would like it to BE Spring.  However reality doesn’t agree and winter is still very much in force.

When I walked into a well known children’s clothing store today, every dress either had short sleeves or no sleeves at all.  Add that the fabric was what you’d expect to put on your kids in the middle of a heat wave!

Little girl dresses can still be cute, fashionable and functional with long sleeves.  Add that the little boy outfits were long sleeved shirts, sweaters, sweaters over shirts and jackets! So little boys get cold but girls don’t?

When asked, sales staff explain that you can buy this cute little bolero jacket with it.  When held up, the knit was so loose you could see through it.  It wouldn’t offer any warmth at all.  It also wouldn’t cover their back or chest.

Add that of course, they were dresses!  So there’s no warmth for their legs either.  Leotards or tights just cover their skin.  It does nothing to fight off freezing temperatures.

Yes, I am up on my feminist horse screaming about how the fashion industry is trying to train my girls that in order to be pretty, they have to be uncomfortable.  That getting attention is more important than their own inconvenience.  It needs to stop.

I challenge the children’s clothing stores to create long sleeve, warm outfits for girls.  Try to be fashionable without freezing kids.  Forget about the Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter lines.  Think about Easter being in April and the type of temperatures that involves.  Christmas too while you’re at it.  Design and carry what’s right rather than what industry tells you to do.