June 20, 2015

Today I was given an opportunity. Heart strings were tugged of the right people and we encouraged each other to do what we could.

I went to an auction to rescue a potential mare and foal that were at risk. We didn’t want them to go to a kill buyer. So with a lot of support, off I went. I hadn’t been to an auction in about 25 years. Oddly enough, it was the same one a quarter of a century later. Still there. Still standing.

The mare and foal (an adorable filly) went to a home so there was no need to bid on them. They are safe.

However, horse #1 wasn’t so lucky. He was sore up front due to losing a shoe and poor foot care. He was sore all over, it was impossible to tell where the cause was. He was a big boy, 17hh. He went to a known KB. I couldn’t even consider saving him because he wasn’t who we went there for. The mare and foal hadn’t come up yet.

From his description by the auctioneer, he had been purchased at the beginning of the year to be a foxhunter. The owner was apparently a ‘do it yourselfer’ when it came to his shoes. One of which he lost, both front feet at different angles and way too short. It couldn’t have helped his discomfort.

The good news is that I’m part of an incredible network of people that I count myself lucky to be a part of. I posted about one that I knew our group would like. Then I asked about poor number 1. The other horse looks like he’s safe. But number one wasn’t.

Heartfelt thanks to Tanya Boyd of Kindred Farm Rescue for trusting me regarding sweet #1. For forcing me to go back into the sale, find out who owned who and to make an offer to buy him from his buyer.

Finneous has been rescued and is on route to his 30 day quarantine. He’ll then be incredibly lucky to go home to Kindred Farm.

This 17hh gelding schmoozed his way into my heart and everyone else’s as well. When people realized what I was doing, they all said “Oh the sweet one.” 

Rescued June 20th, here'd Finneous in August.

Rescued June 20th, here’s Finneous in August.

Here he is. He is safe.

It’s funny, when I think over the course of the day. I kept telling those who were msging me that when the horses were nuzzling me, I had to walk away. It made me so sad to see them in limbo. Or for those whose fate was sealed. It was Finn who I was referring to. He kept nuzzling me. So happy. Ears forward every time. Such a kind eye looking to me, wondering what he was there for. It was him.

He wouldn’t be denied. I’m so happy for him.

We’ve almost raised all of the funds needed for his save – and will move on to raising funds for his trailering to his new home in a month, supplements to help his terrible feet and vet care. Although if you’re willing and able, Kindred Farm Rescue could use any help you can offer caring for their 22 rescues looking for homes, including Finn.

Finn has made his way to Kindred. He seemed to have injured his eye somewhere between point A and B. He has partial paralysis of his eyelid now, but it’s slowly improving.

The sad news about Finn is that after an extensive veterinary evaluation, it seems as though his shoulder was dislocated at some point. An injury like this is devastating. He’s sore up front so he shifts his weight back. It affects his back and hips. Compensating for the pain and the lack of range of movement. We’ll never know how it happened. Typically something like this is due to being run into a stationary object.

In spite of his tremendous pain, he’s still a sweetheart. There’s something in him that refuses to be denied. He’s made friends in the herd. He’s keeping weight on too. Most horses in this amount of pain would slowly waste away. He won’t give up.

The vet has prescribed that we leave him to be a horse for 6 months. Just turn him out and let him move around. Hopefully he’ll strengthen his shoulder and tendons, and allow for a freer range of motion.  He cannot have pain killers as he needs to self limit his movement. He might injure himself more if he felt too good. He’s half way into his rehab now. He seems to be improving….

It’s impossible to know if he’ll recover. If he be able to be a hack horse and just take quiet rides around the field. It’s not fair, being only 10 years old and facing his possible end. The good news is that he’s loved where he is. He’s wormed his way into many hearts and he won’t let go.