Auction Horses

The auction was today. 60 horses went through. You weren’t there.

It was cold today. It was hot today. You couldn’t get a trailer. There wasn’t any gas in the truck. Gas prices are too high. You had other commitments. You’re short on cash. It was too early. You were up too late. You don’t have a stall ready. You can’t afford board this month. You were too busy to waste hours standing around at some auction. They probably won’t have the kind of horse you’re looking for.

Either way, you weren’t there today.

60 horses went through today. There were only 15 homes bidding. They only wanted one each. 12 of them found horses to take home. 12 horses with a new lease on life. A new chance. A new beginning. Safe.

What about the other 48? What happened to them?

You begin to see the posts on social media. Horses who are at risk of being shipped to slaughter. Horses that were purchased at the auction today. You know, the auction you didn’t go to. Now they’re owned by the kill buyer. Young horses. Sound horses. Trained horses. Bomb proof horses. Nothing wrong with them, horses.

Then you see the price. Wow! That much? Why so much? If they want to save them, why are they charging so much? They should lower the price if they truly want to save them. They couldn’t have paid that much for it. These money grubbing people – all they want is money. That poor horse. He would have been perfect in your barn. That mare would have been great for your kids.


The kill buyer went to the auction today. They gassed up their truck, regardless of the prices. They hooked up their trailer. They sweated in the heat or they shivered in the cold. They made time to go to the auction. They made sure they had enough money to buy enough head to meet their needs. They paid the taxes. They said no to staying out late last night and they got up early this morning. They have space on their trailer. They have space at their place. They have feed for as long as they need to take care of what they buy. This is their business and they treat it as such.

Yes, they will be paid for their time, effort, money invested, wear and tear on their vehicles and anything else they put into their business. Either someone will buy the horse from them or the meat plant will. They aren’t doing this for free.

How much is doing all of the things you didn’t do, worth?

The kill buyer saw the potential for this particular horse to go to a home. The home that wasn’t there. The home that opted not to go to the auction today. They could have shipped it. Silently. No one would have known. That would have been easier. Easier than dealing with the drama and BS. That’s what the other kill buyers do. They don’t need this crap. But this kill buyer sees the opportunity for this horse to get a home. Sure there’s the potential for a bit more money too – but it comes at a price. BS. How much is BS worth these days? Guess we’ll find out.

The kill buyers were at the auction today. Where were you?