Who Is Random Slate?


  •  an opportunity to start over without prejudice


  •  an opportunity to start over, but not forget our past; prejudice and all

A happily married Mom of 3 girls within 40 months of each other.  I enjoy a good debate, researching and discovering new things.  I’d like to think that I keep an open mind and will listen to what someone has to say.  However I have been known to have some very strong opinions.  I will agree to disagree but will keep to my own convictions.  I’d rather do what I feel is right than what is easy.  My curiosity will know no bounds….


Topics here will range across my personal interests to what’s in the news, irritation points to what’s exciting in my world at the time.  My children have opened a whole world to me.  What’s best for them, to keep them safe and for them to prosper is my focus.  I hope to lead by example rather than to preach.  Those who know me know my love of dogs and horses and will often find me happily chatting about them to anyone who will listen.

My husband is my rock.  When I find myself scrambling to get my feet beneath me, he’s the one that gives me his steady hand.  Ups and downs, we’re on this roller coaster together and we make the best of it.  Our survival tactic seems to be laughter.  As long as we’ve laughed that day, we know we’re okay.

“If it tweaks interest, it might be here.” speaks of my curiosity in little bits of everything.  I don’t claim to be a master of anything but rather strive to encourage and satisfy my interests.  The day I’ve got nothing to question or learn will probably be my last.

I hope you enjoy your stay.


7 thoughts on “Who Is Random Slate?”

  1. Just read your blog through the CHDC website and loved it. Are you sending your posts to the MPPs etc and the Toronto Star? I wonder why the Star is not calling out the horse industry on the issue – the OEF and EC and all the competitive associations you have to join and fork over hundreds of dollars to in order to compete in recognized shows – and how much of that money goes to set up a better system for horses? I don’t know where you are located but I am looking for like minded people to begin attending horse shows and such to sell swag with messages such as “see no slaughter, hear no slaughter, speak no slaughter” and “no horse is safe” to create awareness among people who choose to sell a horse rather than care for it for life. My two horses are currently out on free leases ( I visit monthly) and I will take them back when they are older so there are options.

  2. Is there a place where I can provide my email address and received every one of your posts? Your articles are some of the BEST I’ve ever read!!!

    • Thank you so much judye822! That’s very sweet of you. I believe there’s a link around here somewhere for you to “follow” randomslate. When you do, it will send you an email every time I publish a new post.
      Being a Mom, I wouldn’t want to commit to remembering to email anyone. I can barely remember the date! The ‘automagic’ functionality of wordpress saves me.
      Thank you for reading.

  3. Thank you so very much for being a clear and concise voice on this issue. It is all so truly maddening to put this puzzle together. Please join us on FB to learn more about all of these puzzles. And I can so relate to “my husband is my rock”. Without mine, I would probably have gone off the deep end, as he brings me out of this wilderness into the cool, clear fields in order to breath fresh air and get much needed “Sunshine” to bath in. http://www.facebook.com/eponaspirits

    • Thank you EPONA for the invite. I have liked your page. Thank you for sharing my posts!
      This blog started as my place to share my thoughts, my frustrations, my interests and everything in between. I’m very appreciative that anyone reads what I’ve written at all! If you find any value in it at all, I’m thrilled.

  4. Excellent article. How can we push this beyond Canada to the consumers of horse meat?

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